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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballpark for my Birthday!

Razor turning ONE brought us out to the ballpark!
Happy Birthday Banner

Ballpark Concessions

Cotton Candy & Cupcakes

Baseball Oreos

Refreshments &  Fruit Field

Birthday Boy & Sister

On the field warming up for his First Pitch!

I love my little slugger!

My boys

Put me in Coach... I'm ready to pitch!

Merritt and T catching up on some tv between innings.

A visit Spike!
 It was a truly wonderful way to celebrate Razor's birthday! Check out the video of his first pitch:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My All-Star

So excited to see everyone when he woke up from nap!

Merritt feeding Ross his birthday cupcake

Think he likes it!!
Taking a swing at the ball!

Merritt was trying to get Ross to smile :)

Ross thanked everyone for coming and passed out a bat and ball as they left!

Batter Up!

My All-Star is turning ONE next week and we had some of our very sweet friends over to celebrate! Here are some pictures before everyone arrived...

Printables were bought from Dimpleprints

Game of 'Pin the Baseball on the Bat'- Each baseball had the kid's name printed on it.

I collected each guest's autograph!

Baseball Coloring Pages

It had been raining earlier in the week so we didn't go outside to play Perfect Pitch or Home Run Derby

Ballpark Snacks

Oreo Cookie Baseballs

Field of Fruit {Yogurt Bases}

Baseball Cupcakes with Red Hot Laces

Cotton Candy
Ross' Monthly Pictures

Party Favors

'I hit one out of the park with a friend like you!' love Ross
Thank you vase {inside is filled with peanuts}