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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pick a Pumpkin!

I have gone Halloween craft crazy! I saw the pumpkin below and knew I wanted to try it {but of course I had to make it more 'edgy'}. I also loved the uniqueness of the pumpkin material - a dryer hose! A while back, we had a dryer malfunction.... and then we got a new dryer. One of the things we tried to fix it was a new dryer hose and since then an unused dryer hose has been sitting in our garage. So when I saw the above picture, I was super excited! The dryer hose I used is a little different. It has more ridges but I love it because it was free {kind of}. I stretched out the hose and curved it to make a circle. Then I cut the hose and tried to figure out how to connect the 2 sides. {This project almost ended here. I became a frustrated and teary-eyed because I originally was trying to tuck one side into the other and the foil kept collapsing, then I had a talk with myself and calmed myself down while standing in my craft closet, then all of a sudden I saw the hot glue!} I hot glued the sides together and then spray painted my soon to be pumpkin, orange. I was able to make 3 pumpkins from the dryer hose :) Lastly I added cinnamon sticks to make the stem and green ribbon to complete my pumpkin! The funnest part was when I gave one to my dear friend, Delia, she had sooooo many guesses as to what I used to make the pumpkin ~ When I gave it to her I made sure to tell her that I couldn't have PICKED a better person to look after Merritt while I am at school!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Trick or Trick!

It's no TRICK! This wreath is a real TREAT!
~ Wreath {$ Store}
~ Black gloss spray paint
~ Lollipops {$ Store}
~ Kleenex
~ Ribbon
~ Sharpie marker
First I spray painted the wreath black {a little tip - I took the price tag off but I left the plastic loop that the tag came on. You can use it to hang the wreath}
Next I went back to my elementary school days - wait, I teach 2nd grade - I am already there! I wrap the lollipop with Kleenex and tied it with a ribbon to make the ghosts. I made each ghost a spooky face with the Sharpie marker.
Then, I stuck the ghosts in the weave of the wreath.
Last, I added the Trick or Treat glitter foam words in the wreath {from $ Store}.
Happy Trick or Treating my friends!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Daisy Doodle Crochet

I LOVE finding adorable products for Merritt and I didn't have to look very far this time.... My sweet friend Jenn is an awesome crocheter {is that a word?!}. Anyways, she has recently started her own company, Daisy Doodle Crochet! Check out her blog and right she is doing a giveaway for the Pumpkin hats below. To enter go to her Facebook page, Daisy Doodle Crochet and hit *Like* or leave comment! Good Luck!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

4 Halloween Crafts before October... Halloween Advent Calendar

I saw this idea on Oopsey Daisy and just had to try it for Merritt! It turned out so cute and I hope she can enjoy it for years to come. First, the supply list:
~ Medal cookie sheet
~ Scrapbook paper {2 sheets of the background and 1 sheet for the lines to make the boxes for the calendar - you can see that I started another advent calendar for Christmas too}
~ Mod Podge and sponge brush
~ Precut circle magnets
~ Glass marbles
~ Circle numbers {you can download from Oopsey Daisy's website for free} I cut out the numbers, mod podged the back of the glass marble and then put the magnet on the back. I mod podged the scrapbook down and then put a coat on top. I cut the checkerboard strips and mod podged them to make the boxes for the calendar. I wanted to add a border around the edges, so I found a perfect checkerboard print ribbon! I hot-glued the border and then added a cute bow in the corner. I used a plate stand to set it on but you could also hot glue a loop on the back to hang it.
Now all it needs is some candy {but I am having trouble thinking of a 'healthy' candy that I can add to the calendar! Also, knowing my daughter, if I put the candy for the whole month on it, she won't understand the concept of 'one a day'!} If you can think of any candy/snack I could double-stick tape to the calendar - PLEASE let me know!
For now it is an adorable calendar on a shelf in her room :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hook'em Horns

This past weekend the Edges went on a road trip to Houston to watch the Texas Longhorn season opener against Rice University {Merritt's GG's Alma Mater}. It was Merritt's 1st Texas football game and we are hoping she enjoyed it so much she decides she wants to go to Texas! {Honestly, I don't know if she has a choice with 2 Texas Exes for parents!}
Here we are tailgating before the game. Merritt loved people watching! We have been trying to get her to say Hook'em Horns but it comes out more like 'can of corn.'
Here is Garrett Gilbert, who we are hoping lead us to the promise land of Arizona in early January!
Yay! The Longhorns won.
We enjoyed seeing all of our friends and are so happy that Merritt had a great time {and all the boys were so nice to let her relax on the washer boards while they played}. Can't wait til this Saturday when Merritt will take her first steps into DKR stadium!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

4 Halloween Crafts before October...

While looking through some of my favorite DIY craft blogs, I saw 4 projects that I HAD TO to add to my Never Gonna Get Any Shorter Because I LOVE Craft Blogs! To Do list {Also on that To Do list is to find a shorter name for my To Do list}.
Project 1: Halloween Luminaries
Supply List:
~ 2 Clear cylinder vases from Dollar Tree {$1 each}
~ White tissue paper cut into strips varying in width and length {free - already had, if you don't have pick some up while at the Dollar Tree}
~ Mod Podge {free - already had, around $7 at Hobby Lobby or Micheal's but make sure you take a 40% off coupon if you need to buy}
~ Sponge Brush {free - already had, around $2 for 6 brushes at craft store - don't forget your coupon for this one too}
~ Silhouettes of Halloween shapes {You can print these out from your computer, use a cricut, draw and paint if you are talented, use vinyl, or buy from craft store. I bought felt/foamy shapes from Hobby Lobby, in the kids project aisle $1.99.}
~ LED flickering tea lights {you can use candle tea lights but we choose to be a candle-free house, $2.99 for 2}
Step 1: Use the brush to apply Mod Podge in sections directly onto vase. No need to be perfect {Can you believe I just said that!}, the strips should overlap. Complete 'mummy-fying' both vases.
Step 2: Add Halloween silhouettes. If you use paper silhouettes, mod podge over them. If you take the easy way like me, peel away backing and place felt silhouettes in desired location. {I am currently looking for a cat that I can add to the vase with bats, but the one I found wasn't in proportion.}
Step 3: Add tea lights.
Step 4: Put in window or add to mantle for a Spook-tacular decoration!
Start to finish 30 minutes! What do you think?
Original Idea comes from Me and My Bucket Blog that was featured on Tip Junkie