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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fantasy Football

It's Texas, It's August, which means it's FOOTBALL TIME!
We had our Fantasy Football Draft Party this week. Everyone came over with their computers, magazines, highlighters, and pens ready to draft the best dream team ever! We all had our own system to create/draft our teams. As defending champion of the league I feel confident that I will repeat and make everyone get on their knees bowing down to the Fantasy Football Queen. I told everyone they could make their checks out to: Jennie ' The Winner' Edge.
As everyone entered, they drew a card for draft position and who do you think got the 1st pick? ME! And of course I took my boy, the star of my team, the great running back Chris Johnson of the Titans. Being the first to pick is great because you get the first pick, but unfortunately it also means there are 27 other picks before you get to make your next pick. {That's when I decided I would take pics and create a blog post about our evening.}
Wish me luck {even though it really isn't necessary because did you the picture of the players who are the Go Around the Pile team?!?}.

Spurs Caravan

Today Beau had an appearance with the Spurs Caravan at an HEB near our house. We went to watch {interrupt} Daddy work. There were Spurs former and current players, dancers, and even the Coyote there to meet and greet with all the fans. We got our picture taken with the 4 NBA Championship trophies which was really cool. There was food, ice cream {which Merritt didn't like because it was 'Too cold, mama!'} and prizes.
I guess I will cheer for the Spurs - when they aren't playing against my favorite team, the Houston Rockets!

Nothing But Love

Merritt has a really cute cousin, Eliza, or as her mom affectionately calls 'The Bean.' This goes back to when they were crazy enough not to find out whether Ellie was going to be a girl or boy - CRAZY RIGHT, so they just called the baby - the bean.
We have gotten the girls together a couple of times this summer and they have enjoyed each other's company. We even got them in the bath together!

Cookin' Up Fun

Earlier this month with celebrated one of Merritt's sweet friend's birthday. It was a baking theme and everyone had a great time in the kitchen decorating cookies, rolling out and cutting play-doh, and making chef hat crafts! Each attendee got an adorable monogrammed apron with a chef hat - SO CUTE!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Austin Nature Center

Merritt and I joined some friends at the Austin Nature and Science Center today.
It was tough getting there, traffic was horrible and I almost turned around to go back home several times. I kept going because I really want to spend as much time as I could with Merritt doing fun activities before I go back to school next week {where did the summer go?!?}.
We finally arrived {by the way, after traffic cleared, I then got lost - which made the 29 minute drive, according to Mapquest, an hour+ drive} to see our friends! The Nature Center was really cool {and FREE}. The kids played inside, chasing each other around a cave and exploring different items, like bones, rocks, and the kids' favorite 2 plastic turtles.
We walked outside and followed the path around the pond to the huge dinosaur pit. Merritt and her friends grabbed shovels and began digging {the moms tried to stay in the shade - it was sooooo hot}!
We then walked to see the animals. The Nature center rescues animals, many of the animals used to be pets. The coyote was everyone's favorite {probably because it was the only animal not sleeping, hiding, or just trying to stay out of the Texas heat}. Merritt was so cute as she tried howling, I am pretty sure the coyote understood what she meant. Warning, there was also a skunk and you could smell him... and the smell wasn't good. I thought about busting out some Scentsy room spray but I refrained.
There was a reptile and amphibian building {which I was excited about because I thought it might be air-conditioned, I was wrong... and hot}. We strolled over to see the owls and other birds and then headed back inside the main building to do some more exploring.
I think Merritt could have stayed all day, we will definitely have to go back soon, when it cools down that is :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

I Touch

So when I was little I played with Barbies, stuffed animals, sticks, etc.
This is what Merritt plays with: an I Touch.
It comes in very useful during waiting times: shopping lines, car rides, did I mention shopping lines...
I am really impressed with her thumb control, I guess kids are born with good thumbs these days.
Thanks for the gift GG :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let's Go to the Bank!

Merritt {and when I say Merritt, I mean myself} has been saving the lose change and putting it in her Piggy Bank. We received the Piggy Bank from a dear friend at a baby shower. It took us 2 years, but it was finally too full to put anymore change in it, so off to the bank we went! We handed over the 'Rich Little Piggy' and I waited while I thought the teller would put the change through the change collector machine that I have seen at the grocery store. Well, then she began separating all the coins.... And I thought to myself this is a high maintenance coin collector if coins have to be separated before they go in. As Merritt grew tired of sitting there and began to get antsy, I asked the teller, do you have to count all the coins yourself? She looked looked up {and I thought 'Oh No I hope she doesn't have to start counting all over'}, smiled and said "MmmHmm." She then began to count how many of each coin we were turning in and typed in the totals into her computer. I apologized as a grabbed the 4 Dum Dum lollipops from Merritt's hands that were headed towards her mouth.
We thanked the teller for being so kind and waved good-bye knowing that Merritt is $34.25 richer!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cedar Rock Railroad

While my parents came in town for a visit, we decided to go ride the Cedar Rock Railroad. The train was super cute and Merritt had a great time looking at everything around her.

Houston Zoo

Merritt and I braved the rains last week and went to the Houston Zoo. We had a great time {except for the melt down about wearing the really cute pink monkey backpack that comes with a leash}. I X-ed off each exhibit we saw and Merritt and I saw EVERYTHING! We even rode the Zoo carousel - a couple of times. I was so impressed that she knew all of the animals names and the sounds that they make! We rode the train around Hermann Park {on the train, a girl that was at least half my age sweetly asked, is she your first? I nodded and said yes while refraining from asking, How many should I have? or saying No, I usually pick my favorite child and take only them to the zoo.}