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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2 Months Today!

My sweet Razor is 2 months today! Ross is a very alert little man, he is always looking around taking in his surroundings. We are currently working out as well... B x 90. We started with 1 minute of tummy time and have been adding another minute each day. Ross is not trilled about the workout {I wonder who he got that from} but I think he puts up with it because he loves me so.
Ross went for his 2 month appointment, which meant 3 shots for my little man. He was a champ and I think it might have hurt me more than him. We also got his measurements ~ 13.6 lbs {95th %}, 24 in {95th %}, and head circumference 46 cm {75th %}. Our next goal is for Ross to get more comfortable with taking the bottle. He is a great eater but I am wondering if we waited too long to introduce the bottle. We will keep trying... Wish us luck!
I promise no Ross was harmed in this picture... And please no jokes about him crying and the Texas Longhorns.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Lady Merritt

Merritt's First Week of school was a success! As with most changes, Merritt was more ready than her mother. I had been worried about the switch from a home daycare to regular school but Merritt has adjusted {and with less tears than me}. This week her new school had what they call the 'Knight Parade.'
The school's mascot is a knight and each student creates a sheild that has their name, class mascot, and a picture collage that represents them. All of the students line up with teir sheild and then walk around the school. I was so happy that I am still on maternity leave andwas able to go watch Merritt as she marched in the parade!
Her class made a short cut through the building and sat down so that they could watch the older students. I love that she loves her new teacher and follows her directions. I can't wait to spoil her teachers :)
As each class walked by, Merritt and her classmates clapped and waved.
And yes, I enjoyed doing my daughter's homework. I wanted to make sure she had the best sheild :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Merritt's First Day of School

The day has come... Merritt's First Day of School! I have so many emotions about her going to school ~ so excited for her to learn new things and make new friends and yet so scared that in the blink of an eye I will be at her high school graduation and sending her off to college. When we pulled up to the elementary school, she squeled and told me to look at all the boys and girls with backpacks. Here is my little lady walking up to school. Her backpack is almost as big as her!
Merritt walked into her classroom with a smile and went straight over to meet her new teacher, Ms. Brenda. I also am so excited that Ms. Sherry {our neighbor from our old house} is the teacher's assistant!
Merritt made herself right at home by putting her backpack and lunch away.
I LOVE this picture and her smile. Good luck on your first day of school!

Ross' First Month

Our sweet boy Ross is getting so big {I mean that age and size wise}! When I am asked how old he is, I say '___ weeks'. And then the reaction is usually a {gasp} and 'Wow, he's so big!' I respond with a smile, nod my head, and agree... 'Yes, he is'. Ross at 3 weeks was the same weight as Merritt when she was 4 months. Here are some pictures of my BIG boy:

Beau's Birthday

Ross and I went to the radio station to bring Beau lunch for his birthday. While we were there, I got some cute shots of my boys on the microphone.

Summer Fun!

Merritt and I are apart of the BEST play group ever! {Iam not biased... it's true!} When I set up the group, of current and former teachers, we had just begun having children and where looking for fun {and not expensive} acivities. The group has grown and we have met some of the BEST mommies and kiddos! Here are some pictures from the last couple of playdates - a REDicously fun and Something's Fishy playdates:
We were RED-y for a great day!
What cute cupcakes! And soooo yummy too!