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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The pARTy ~ The Fun

The Art Party was so much fun - here are some pictures the ART-tastic party!

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Merritt's birthday! See you next year at the ...

The pARTy ~ Art Activities

Merritt was super excited after coming home from Toy Story on Ice to see the backyard decorated for her Art Party!
Outfit from Polkadaisies - too cute and perfect for today!

Each artist picked an art apron to wear as they entered the party

Close up of the party tags

We transformed our side fence into a painter's zone complete with canvas to paint and take home as their favor

Coloring Sheets for guests to get creative

Chalk Walk - Became the  dance area
The crepe paper Color Wheel in the Living Room:
View from below

The pARTy ~ Food & Drink

Before last year's Luau Birthday Party, I had began thinking about what I wanted to this year for Merritt's 4th Birthday.  My friend Jen always joke around about how far in advance we plan our themes for birthday parties.  Merritt's love for art has grown over the past year so an Art Party was perfect!
My super creative previously mentioned friend, Jen did an excellent job with all the printables and helping me come up with the wording with food ideas. She created stickers for the 'creative juice' Juicy Juices boxes and I wrapped them with construction paper to create a rainbow effect. Jen also did the 'Happy Birthday Merritt' water bottle labels. Check out her website JenLoves
A party wouldn't be complete without yummy food and an Art Party has to have food to feed all the artists in training!

Rice Krispie Treat Paint Brushes

Paint Palette Cupcakes

Paint Chips

Fruit Color Wheel & Veggie Color Sampler

Pretzel Paint Brushes

Palette Plates

The food display with balloon banner and palette sign

Friday, April 27, 2012

Merritt turns Four!

Our little lady turned 4 today! It amazing how she keeps growing and yet her father and I stay the same age!  Maybe she keeps us young ~ ha! I love this little girl more and more each day and just when I think my heart might burst, she does something so cute or silly that makes me love her more! 
We thought it would be fun for her to wake up with a room full of balloons and streamers!

She had so much fun getting ready with all the balloons! I am surprised she made it to school on time!

I love you Merritt! Happy Birthday Princess!

Merritt's Birthday Fun

Merritt's birthday fun-day continued at school with a Birthday Book, singing and cupcakes!
Each student on their birthday gets to help Ms. Brenda read the Birthday Book and add the pictures.

After reading, all of Merritt's classmates sang 'Happy Birthday' and afterwards Merritt declared {as if they couldn't read her number shirt}, that she was 4!

I want to thank one of her teachers, Ms. Lori, for making her birthday rainbow crown with glitter, of course!
   Everyone loved the cupcakes and for the most part, the cupcakes ended up in their mouths {and a little around the mouth}!
After lunch at school, I surprised Merritt with a trip to the nail salon for a manicure and pedicure - her first!  How adorbs is that princess chair! Each of the kid seats came with a dvd player too... kind of sad mine didin't.  Maybe I will request the kitty cat chair next time.

After GG & GPop arrived from Houston, the family went to out for a birthday dinner.

Our little princess has been asking for a bicycle helmet so that she can ride without daddy holding on.  We also got her a Leap Frog Toy Story book to go with tickets for the Toy Story on Ice show.

As soon as we got home, Merritt ran to get her bike with her helmet so that she could ride to the park on her own {with her daddy running behind her pleading with her to slow down}.

What a birthday fun-day for our Princess!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The pARTy ~ The Invite

My friend did an a-ma-zing job on Merritt's invites! They went perfectly with her Art Party theme.
The four circles on the 'paint palette' invite are from Merritt's past four birthday parties - Pinkalicious, Luau, Dr. Suess, and Art.
If you EVER need Christmas cards, birthday invites, or anouncements, I highly recommend Jen! Her attention to detail is second to none! - jenloves.om

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Fun!

Our family has been celebrating Easter and having an 'egg'cellent time playing with our friends at Easter Playdates and Hunts!
We went to an Egg Hunt at our neighborhood park and met up with our friends, Leah, Katie, and Vince to let the girls go egg hunting. Merritt also got her face painted with a cupcake.
Some friends of ours hosted an Easter playdate for our group and Merritt and Ross an 'egg'strodary time! All the kids were so cute collecting the eggs!
Bunny Ross chillin' under the umbrella while everyone was collecting eggs... Next year he will be an egg-finding machine :)
Bunny Merritt with her bunny basket full of eggs!