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Monday, June 27, 2011

Here Comes the Flower Girl {Part 3}

After the ceremony, the Wedding Party drove to the Texas Capital to take pictures. Merritt had a great time in the limo! The limo had little lights that changed colors and she got so excited each time the color changed {by the time we arrived at the Capital she had the color pattern memorized}.
All Sarah's bridesmaids were so sweet to Merritt! She was in awe of the flowers, dresses, and shoes. Here she is smelling the flower bouquet and then we all had to take turns smelling the sweet flowers.
When we arrived at the Capital, Merritt followed Sarah to the large field in front of the Capital building. I loved this idea and wish Beau and I had done something similar! Maybe when Ross gets here we can take some family pictures there.
I wish I was a better photographer, because this picture doesn't do the day, the people, or the setting justice.
There is my Princess {still holding on to Lane's hand!} waiting for the photographer to get the perfect shot.

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