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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sprinkled with Love

My sweet friends Lori and Jenny 'SPRINKLED' our family with love and gifts for our upcoming addition, Ross. So many of my friends and family came Lori's home to celebrate with a Saturday Brunch. I had always imagined we would have another girl and was shocked when the sonogram nurse told Beau and I a BOY would be 'Livin' on the Edge' with us. I had saved all of Merritt's very pink things and knew then we would need to start 'thinking blue.' Merritt was happy to help me open all the gifts but was most excited about the cards in the bags. Each card she found, she would squeal with glee! She was helpful in collecting all the tissue paper {she knows I save every single bag, tissue paper, and wrapping paper - if in good condition - that I receive} after opening the gifts.
I love this shirt! Ross is going to be one handsome, well-dressed dude!
Here is a picture of my wonderful second grade team! They have helped me so much this year with the move to second grade and with this pregnancy!
I love this picture of three bellies of mommies-to-be! The three little ones in these bellies will be the best of friends - let's face it - they really don't have a choice with their daddies being the best of friends since middle school!! Ross is in the center belly and we recently found out there is a little girl under the orange shirt {we have already discussed wedding details}. We should find out next month who is hiding beneath the striped dress.... My guess is a BOY!!

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