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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We All Scream for Ice Cream

We went over to our friend Leah's house {Oh, and her mom and dad live there too} last week for VERY COOL playdate! The playdate's theme was ice cream and there were all kinds of yummy activities for the kids to do.
I love that the teacher in all of us {especially Katie, aka super-hostess} always has fun educational activities for the kids to play with :)
Merritt is adding her favorite kind of ice cream on the pictograph above - even though she doesn't really eat ice cream - she picked her favorite color, Pink!
Katie went to the Blue Bell Creamery the week before with Leah and brought back ice cream hats for everyone to decorate. There were also ice cream shapes for the kids to make their very own paper treat!
At the Play-Doh table there were containers with 'ice cream play-doh' that Merritt used the ice cream scooper to make a sundae. About 5 minutes after this picture was taken, I heard a gagging noise coming from the table.... I turned around and saw that Merritt had tried to eat the 'vanilla ice-cream play-doh'! After rinsing out her mouth, she walked away from the table and went back upstairs to play with toys that didn't look like food.
Life lesson learned.
As we were leaving, Leah offered all the guests ice cream bubbles {Merritt picked mint chocolate chip which smell so good!} and a recipe for home made ice cream. I think Merritt would have fun making some, as long as there is no play-doh in the recipe!

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