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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New House... New Projects

Since moving into our new house, I have been trying to make it feel like home before Ross gets here and I have no time or energy. We have so many pictures {from my dear friend Jen} that didn't have a home at our old house. So I asked Jen for some help and ideas... Actually what I asked her to do was to come visit and tell me where to put everything. Instead she sent me lots of creative mural ideas, so I got to work.
Jen made sure I used construction paper to plan where the pictures would go on the wall. Normally I would put hundreds of nail holes in the wall and then wouldn't be able to move any pictures around. Her next tip was to keep at least one thing consistant, I choose simple black frames, and then used color and black & white photos and some with white mats and some without.
Here is my finished project with room to add photos of Ross {our house is a shrine of my daugther Merritt}. I kept it simple and even, because if you know me.... I like things even and balanced.
I added some 4th of July decorations to celebrate the holiday under the photo mural. I love that my first project is complete - now on to the rest of the project list..
More to come soon!!

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