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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All-Star Scoreboard

Funny story when I began thinking of Ross' room and how I wanted it to look...
I began looking at different bedding sites and I couldn't find anything I liked. Then a friend suggested a site where you could design your own bedding, you could even put the fabric in specific places. I started playing around with some fabrics, saved my choices, and then showed Beau the bedding later that night.
He looked at the bedding and tried his best to answer the 'What do you think?' question without hurting my feelings. While he was looking he commented, 'I thought we would do some kind of sports theme.'
Honestly, the thought had never crossed my mind... I don't know how it didn't but I began to think about the possibilities. I didn't want an over-the-top sports theme or no characters playing sports. Then I found a simple all-star theme that I could add baseball accents to the room.
While I was flippping through Pottery Barn catalog, I saw the above room and feel in love with the scoreboard idea.
I knew I could make it but how??
I started with a 4x6 piece of plywood, primer, green paint, and the best paint tape I could find.
I primed and then put two coats of white paint on the board. I used construction paper to di-cut the letters for the scoreboard at school. Then I used my painter's tape to outline the board, making sure the boxes would fit all the lettering.
Next, I painted the board with 2 coats of 'Field Time' green {how perfect is that!}. The most exciting {and scariest!} part was the untaping... I was nervous about the lines, I have never been patient enough to let the paint dry and let the tape do its work!
Then, I modpodged the letters to the board and schlacked the whole thing to give it a nice sheen.
Hooray! The final scoreboard! Instead of putting 'runs' in each inning for the vistors and home teams, I plan on taking Ross's pictures each month and hanging them on the scoreboard. My friend Lisa gave me the best present for this project - a package of monthly stickers that can be put on white onesies! I am currently looking for old baseballs to add to Ross' room, let me know if you know of a good place to find used baseballs!

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