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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wedding Rehearsal

The weekend had finally arrived - Sarah and Jason's Wedding! Sarah and I first met when we became next door neighbors at school six years ago. We have been together ever since through fantastic times, difficult days, and even some strange students. We also joke around that no one can keep us apart - when I moved to second grade this past year, it was difficult to think about Sarah not being there but the next month, she got the call to come to second grade too! We weren't next door to each other but that will change next year.... the Travelers and the Corral will be together again.
Sarah was one of the first people to come visit Merritt in the hospital after she was born. Merritt refers to Sarah as Auntie Sarah and I was so excited when Sarah asked Merritt to be the Flower Girl in her wedding to Jason! When the Wedding Weekend was finally here, Merritt and I joined all the Bride-to-Be, Bridesmaids and Moms for a brunch at Bess Restaurant. Sarah was so sweet and gave Merritt a Fairy Princess Wand, a Princess Teapot, a Sleeping Beauty doll. She hasn't let the Sleeping Beauty doll out of eye sight since she opened it!
Merritt had fun during the Wedding Rehearsal, Beau and I stood at each end of the aisle and Merritt walked back and forth between us to practice.
I LOVE this picture!! During the wedding Merritt and Lane, Sarah's soon-to-be son, were to walk down the aisle together. Lane did a great job helping Merritt down the aisle and she stood by his side as the ceremony practice took place.
I am so excited to watch Merritt turn into the Flower Girl Princess for the Wedding Day and of course to watch my dear friend Sarah marry the man of her dreams!

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