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Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Alotta Water

It's Summertime! We recently went to a new Splash Park that just opened near our home. All I can say is 'Wow'! We met our friends Katie and Leah for the Grand Opening and the girls had so much fun exploring the water fountains, digging in the sand pit, and Merritt loved the 'river' and rock climbing wall.
The Splash Park was really well designed into 3 sections. The first section had fountains that jetted up. Merritt loved running from fountain to fountain to step on the jet and ask, "Where did the water go?" and then take her foot off and have the water spray even higher!
The second section has a sand digging pit with a 'rock river' going around it. The third section Merritt avoided because there where 'big kids' playing with all the water toys.
Merritt and Leah had so much fun playing together {until the word sharing came up - Merritt believes everything is hers, good luck to Ross}.
Later that week, we visited Aunt Lori and her pool! Merritt used the duck bath tub as her raft! She has wooden spoons to paddle around with while she collected her toys and then threw them back out into the pool. She has really enjoyed all the water activities this summer - next on the Summer Water To Do List: Swimming Lessons {this will be Daddy's job since I have an insane amount of fear of water that goes above my knees}. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer - Stay Cool!!

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