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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ross 11 Months!

It is hard for me to think that in a month my little man will be ONE! This year has gone by so quickly and I am glad to have the summer time to spend with him and soak up every once of 'baby' time with him.

Ross is definitely a momma's boy and even more so now that I am able to be home with him.  He is definitely a boy on the move and into EVERYTHING! This weekend we are having to Ross-proof everything. Probably the most disgusting of his obsessions: the toliet! He loves the thing so I found myself cleaning it and him like a crazy woman. Loves to flush it - yep. Loves to undo the entire toliet paper roll - yep. Loves to lift the seat and splash in the water - oh yeah!

Ross isn't walking yet but he cruises on everything.  We are hoping he will be walking for his birthday {we have a little something special for him for his birthday and fingers & toes crossed he will be able to walk to do it!}  My man eats everything so he is extremely heathly and already wearing 2T.  My mother-in-law told me at my baby shower that my husband was the same way!

My man is still on a super schedule and am not sure sure I want to give up the 2 naps a day when he turns 1.  Here we are on a run to Hobby Lobby - he looks like a frat daddy with his collar popped!

Happy 11th Month Razor!

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